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Grandpa's Gems - Book 1

Grandpa's Gems - Book 1

SKU: 755
Meet “Grandpa” our friend who has created multiple fortunes in different businesses and different countries. Grandpa shares his pearls of wisdom in first-hand accounts, sound advice, telling what really works and why. More details...
Pages: 105
Price: $25.00

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Product Details
He reveals how you can find opportunities that produce fortunes, such as:
  • No-money-down deals
  • Serious money as a consultant
  • Profitable marketing advice
  • The hundred house rule
  • Get rich as a student
  • Unpleasant jobs that pay big
  • Sex havens for tax fiends
  • Opportunities for entrepreneurs
  • Poor-boy business success
  • Be a millionaire in 1000 days
  • Professional marketing advice
  • Where to make serious money
Enjoy all 54 accounts of Grandpa’s smart, successful methods to make yourself independent and RICH!
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Grandpa's Gems - Book 2

Grandpa's Gems - Book 2

Price $20.00

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