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The Paper Trip 4

The Paper Trip 4

SKU: 944
THE PAPER TRIP 4 shows you how to take advantage of the REAL ID Act to create your own new identity. By following the ideas we have developed you will be able to get “No-Questions-Asked” ID in another name, and no one will challenge it because it will pass as “Secure” thanks to the REAL ID Act! More details...
Pages: 215
Price: $40.00

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Product Details

THE PAPER TRIP 4 provides directions that are easy to understand and easy to follow. You will succeed by having all the most important information and resources available to you in full detail:

  • The "Real ID” Act—what it’s all about, and what it means for changing identity.
  • All the best methods for creating a new identity—pros and cons.
  • Requirements for getting government-issued birth certificates in all 50 states.
  • Requirements for getting new driver’s licenses and non-driver ID in all 50 states.
  • The new system for issuing Social Security numbers.
  • Change your Social Security number. How to get NEW Social Security numbers.
  • Current US Passport application requirements and instructions.
  • Identity theft—issues explained and opportunities explored.
  • New credit and credit records—all with new "Secure” ID.
  • EXTRA BONUS CHAPTER: Here’s a fast and easy way to create a new identity that has never been offered in any of our books. It will be revealed in complete detail, enabling you to "disappear” from an old identity, and obtain even MORE new credit. You will not want to miss this surprising and very effective way to create a new identity. (Worth the price of the book alone!)

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