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The Eden Guide to Complete Financial Privacy

The Eden Guide to Complete Financial Privacy

SKU: 675D
You may think you have "nothing to hide", but in today's world of thieves, con men, greedy relatives, and worse, it doesn't take much show of wealth or comfortable lifestyle to excite envy in your potential enemies.

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Pages: 200
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Product Details
Personal and financial affairs are under attack from all sides, and you must take the initiative to keep your assets from being taxed, sued or stolen.

THE EDEN GUIDE TO COMPLETE FINANCIAL PRIVACY is the most authoritative and up-to-date guide for hiding your money and assets legally from government agents, private snoops, and all the other vultures. You will learn how to:
  • Reduce your financial visibility.
  • Keep bank accounts more private.
  • Set up secret foreign accounts-legally.
  • Become a private investor.Hide behind commercial names.
  • Purchase valuable assets anonymously.
  • Build secret safes in your home.
  • Do business without a checking account.
  • Create a "mainstream identity" that will deflect outside interest in your finances.
  • How others penetrate your financial privacy.
  • Consider practical offshore options in investments, residence, even citizenship
In all, 16 chapters plus an extensive resource bibliography open up new possibilities for maximizing your financial privacy. A 20-point checklist details steps you can take almost immediately. Enjoy much greater financial privacy today with the helpful, practical advice in THE EDEN GUIDE TO COMPLETE FINANCIAL PRIVACY.

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