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How to Beat the Bill Collector

How to Beat the Bill Collector

SKU: 478D
In any sport the object is to beat the opponent. Similarly, in most financial dealings the same rule holds true.

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Pages: 48
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Product Details
In order to beat the bill collector, the debtor must demonstrate skill and cunning. He must know the right maneuvers and have the ability to anticipate the competition's next clever move. The main action is a battle of wits, with each opponent trying to force the other to concede the game.

HOW TO BEAT THE BILL COLLECTOR has scores of tips and insights for helping debtors become winners! This book has it all:
  • Origin of the "game."
  • Playing by the rules.
  • Basic strategy.
  • Dazzling delay tactics.
  • Sizing up the competition.
  • Legal stratagems.
  • Outmaneuvering skip tracers.
  • Know your rights!

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