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The Paper Trip I

The Paper Trip I

SKU: 483D
The Paper Trip I has become a guiding light to the storm-tossed souls of our "floating" population-those who cannot establish themselves becomes of some bad aspect of their past, and whose lives are cursed by these modern ills:

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Pages: 88
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Product Details
  • Negative employment references
  • Less-than-honorable discharges
  • Arrest, jail and prison records
  • Bad or unavailable credit
In 14 authoritative chapters you will learn all the professional secrets for creating an entirely new identity. The Paper Trip I contains information found nowhere else. The Paper Trip I will guide you through amazing loopholes. Only the Paper Trip I covers the following topics with its radical perspective:
  • Cover an undesirable employment record
  • Change your age, for whatever purpose
  • Make a new name for yourself, and never be detected
  • Cover arrest, jail, or prison records, permanently
  • Disappear for good, for whatever reasons, perfectly
  • Return from exile without detection
  • Change citizenship from one country to another
  • Make the government itself create your new identity
  • Leave bad credit records behind
  • Get a new, even better, job
  • A step-by-step method for assembling a complete package of alternate ID, based on an original birth certificate
  • All the information you need to obtain your documents directly from the government itself
  • How to obtain any kind of supportive card you need
  • Where to obtain commercial ID forms and stock
  • U.S. passport regulations, Social Security procedures
  • Techniques for actually becoming another person: handwriting, appearance, speech, and more
  • Professional methods used before only by top espionage agents-now for you to use
  • Inside secrets of fingerprinting: faking, altering, removing-yes, it certainly can be done!
Too good to be true? Read the Paper Trip I and you'll become a believer! Even if you don't need to change your identity or indulge in the more radical techniques, the information is absolutely priceless. Someday you may be very glad indeed that you took the time for the Paper Trip I.

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