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The Paper Trip II

The Paper Trip II

SKU: 484D
The Paper Trip II shows you how to create a totally new identity at least 10 different ways. The Paper Trip II guides you through all the different methods of changing your name and obtaining new identification.

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Pages: 88
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Product Details
The Paper Trip II spells it ALL out for you:The laws on fake ID
  • Evading government control of ID
  • Adopting an alias-and making it stick
  • Taking over the ID of another person-safely
  • How changes are made on ID forms
  • Getting "tools of the trade" for creating your own ID
  • Latest developments in the "classic" Paper Trip (infinite identity)
  • How to change your name legally-step-by-step details
  • The laws on legal name change for all fifty states
  • Getting new ID in your new name-legally
  • Use one of our forms for changing your name without going to court-and still get new, legal ID
  • Best of all, how to disappear by using your legal name change
The professional advice and specialized information in the Paper Trip II can make you the master of your own life, and very quickly, too!How to create an identity out of thin air, and make it work
  • Where to write for birth and death certificates in every state
  • Source of government-issued birth certificates
  • How and where to get "genuine" ID
  • Useful art for do-it-yourself ID
  • Where to get hundreds of stamps and seals
  • Driver's license codes and validations for all states
  • The SOUNDEX System for driver's license numbers-how it works
  • Social Security codes by state and by number
  • Creating a Social Security number to match your "background"
  • Latest methods for getting passports under other names
  • How to enter (return) without a passport as often as you like
  • Details of all the States' ID cards (non-driver identification)
  • Types and sources of private, non-government ID
  • Upgrading military "SPN" codes, and how to get them changed or removed
Any way you do it, the Paper Trip II tells HOW. Everything you need to know is right here, waiting for you to put it to work-for you!

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