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How to Legally Obtain a Second Passport

How to Legally Obtain a Second Passport

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Why trust your life and your freedom to just one government? It might be to your great advantage to appear to be "non-American" in certain overseas venues. And, it is perfectly LEGAL to obtain passports from other countries when special rules are followed. More details...
Pages: 164
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Product Details
This all-new, just-published guide to foreign passports provides all the answers you need to secure second passports from many sources-legally. Author, Charles Freeman, details all the possibilities for enjoying "freedom without borders."

Freeman spells out many programs available to anyone who wishes to apply, as well as those situations for which a specific "relationship" is required. He also advises of the many traps and frauds waiting for the unwary and uninformed. There is also a world of "exceptions" which clever individuals can use to their advantage.

Abroad, your passport is your ID. Even if you don't speak the language, your passport will speak for you. Yawohl!

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