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Clean Slate: The New Laws

Clean Slate: The New Laws

SKU: 621
Ever been arrested? Convicted? Had to do time? If so, you probably still have nagging doubts about your legal status in our "free" society. More details...
Pages: 188
Price: $30.00

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Product Details
Seeking a better job, applying for bonding, taking a lie detector test, even getting involved in public affairs can all be situations that create terror in the hearts of any of the 40 million Americans who have had a "brush with the law." This needn't occur, of course, but plain ignorance keeps untold millions from enjoying advantages they fear are forever denied them.

In CLEAN SLATE you'll find the most up-to-date source for discovering what these new laws provide and where they can be found. A state-by-state analysis covers these crucial aspects:
  • Right to inspect records.
  • Right to challenge record accuracy.
  • Judicial review of challenged information.
  • Purging and sealing both conviction and non-conviction data.
  • Restoring civil liberties.
  • Right to state non-existence of a record.
  • Expanded civil remedies, and much, much more!
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