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Birth Certificate Fraud

Birth Certificate Fraud

SKU: 665
Here's an official US government report on "birth certificate fraud." More details...
Pages: 32
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Product Details
Three main topics are discussed:
  • The wide variety of documents issued and the number of agencies involved in their use create very real problems for officials.
  • The hundreds of ways birth certificates are used, misused, and sometimes fraudulently abused cost government some $30 billion annually.
  • Proposals are made for making birth certificates more "secure': that is, less susceptible to fraudulent use.
Privacy-seekers need to be aware of government attitudes that might affect future options, in particular, those that pertain to the issuance and use of birth certificates. Without condoning criminal activity, we maintain there are many perfectly legitimate reasons why individuals may at some time need to adopt new identities. This report illustrates potential "pitfall" situations individuals should take into account. Latest information available on this vital subject.
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